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No Money Down: 

Defying the myth that it takes money to make money

Best Seller

About Gene

Gene is a serial entrepreneur who bootstrapped his first venture with less than $100 initial investment into a multi-million dollar global corporation. He has been responsible for successful ventures in the manufacturing, technology, fashion, real estate & education verticals.
Gene is currently the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Propellant Labs, an online incubator for startups. As the Managing Director, Gene lead the charge to scale the portfolio of companies to a combined valuation of over $150M. Prior to his work as an entrepreneur, Gene spent 15 years as a Software Engineer in the high tech industry where he lead projects in aerospace,  telecommunications and is recognized as an early pioneer of WiMAX technology.

His first book "No Money Down, Defying The Myth That It Takes Money To Make Money", quickly became an international bestseller and he has been featured in numerous media spots, most recently a guest appearance on the NBC Series "Tipping Point".  


Gene is also on the board of Springs Charter Schools, one of the largest charter school networks in America.  He is a contributor to, a mentor for a variety of companies from  computer vision to a professional sports league and is a respected thought leader in crypto and blockchain. In addition, Gene is a council member for a global think tank (The International Digital Monetary Counsel) where he works alongside some of the most brilliant minds in the world (such as a former US Senator) to help shape the future of digital currencies in the world.


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Temecula, CA 92592

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